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America has outrage overload

December 12, 2017

8:30 AM

12 December 2017

8:30 AM

It’s remarkable how fast the unthinkable becomes the expected. It felt almost routine to pick up the New York Post last Sunday morning and see the front page mocked up as a wanted poster for Harvey Weinstein and the news that the NYPD is preparing to arrest him for alleged rape. Between the daily barrage of Trump’s lies and excesses and the sexual harassment tsunami, America has outrage overload. The result is that all the predations, political or sexual or both, come close to drowning each other out. Already Weinstein’s legal advocates are test-driving the theory that the Harvey ‘pile-on’ is really about Trump — that thwarted feminist fury at the serial sexual harasser in the Oval Office has flushed out a surrogate who’s even more gross. This spiel attempts to give Harvey cover that’s highly unlikely to work, especially given that we now know he deployed former Mossad agents to get the skinny on which girls were talking. He’ll be lucky to find work farming coconuts in Fiji.

This is an extract from Tina Brown’s Diary, from this week’s Spectator

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