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WATCH: Andrew Yang’s Bottle Cap Challenge

This clip alone should qualify him for the September debate

July 3, 2019

3:14 PM

3 July 2019

3:14 PM

Andrew Yang is leaning into his brand as the most social media-friendly candidate…this time by participating in the Bottle Cap Challenge.

In an 11-second slow-motion clip, the UBI proponent perfectly spins the cap off a water bottle with a barefoot roundhouse kick…and only minor spillage. His spelling of ‘challenge’, however, leaves much to be desired.

He follows celebrities such as Jason Statham and Conor McGregor in executing the feat.

As we recounted in the Donkey Dow this week, Thursday’s debate offered Yang the best shot at translating his widespread online support into a tangible following in the swing states that count. Alleged microphone trouble and an unwillingness to interrupt held the entrepreneur back, leaving him with the least speaking time across the 20 candidates. Given how well his online presence has served him so far, zeitgeist-chasing seems like a good strategy for the chef de mission of the #YangGang.

Let’s see Biden or Bernie pull this off…

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