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Why does Andrew Yang have the coolest celebrity endorsements?

The entrepreneur has managed to secure support from Dave Chappelle, Donald Glover and many more

January 10, 2020

6:31 PM

10 January 2020

6:31 PM

Politics may be show business for ugly people, but that only means politicians crave the approval of the Hollywood hoi polloi. As we career towards the Iowa primary next month, the Democratic candidate with the most lucrative celebrity endorsers may surprise you.

Andrew Yang seems to relish his dark-horse status in the race. Yet despite his outrageously limited speaking time in the debates and repeated omissions in MSNBC graphics, the entrepreneur has managed to secure support from some of the hippest sections of public life.

Don’t believe Cockburn? The Yang Gang now includes polymath Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino), Guardians of the Galaxy director and cancelation survivor James Gunn, tech guru and suspected blood mage Elon Musk, fellow wizard Penn Jillette and wrestling champion Chris Jericho.

Yang has also leaned heavily on his Asian background (Math hats?) to stand out from the crowded Democratic field. It’s no surprise therefore that he’s bagged the endorsements of The Hangover and Community star Ken Jeong, future Marvel superhero Simu Liu and The Walking Dead‘s Steven Yeun.

What’s more, his unorthodox campaign is popular with the ‘classical liberals’ of the Intellectual Dark Web: Christina Hoff Summers and Peter Boghossian are both fans.

And, per the Washington Examiner‘s Emily Larsen, comedy superstar Dave Chappelle is set to perform shows in support of Yang in South Carolina. Yet another surprising turn of events in the Racial Draft!

If you scroll through Yang’s many campaign donations, you’ll notice they include Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Academy Award-winning actor Nicolas Cage and someone called Noah Centineo who is apparently very popular with the kids.

An esoteric candidate earns an esoteric bunch of celebrity supporters. Yang campaign surrogate Caroline McCarthy explains why: ‘I think he’s getting support from people who have never been politically active before — just go to the Yang subreddit and you’ll hear from a ton of them — he’s getting endorsements from people who would never otherwise think to get involved with a politician.

‘So you’re not getting endorsements from thirsty celebrities who are constantly trying to make being an “activist’ part of their brands.’

Regardless of who your famous backers are, it’s the primary votes that count — and there probably aren’t many movie stars who are registered Democrats in Iowa or New Hampshire…

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