Bill Kauffman

I was expelled from the Electoral College before I was even admitted

Wayward electors run in our family

By Bill Kauffman

The story of my only novel

I had to spend a solid year assuring readers that I did not prematurely ejaculate. Boy was that embarrassing

By Bill Kauffman


Let Utah be Utah

I dig the Mormons and even pull for Brigham Young University’s football team

By Bill Kauffman

The wonderful world of community theater

The woman sitting next to me whispered urgently: ‘I can’t take my eyes off that man’s nipple’

By Bill Kauffman


I am a part of Batavia, New York

My friend Henry W. Clune used to say that all he ever really wanted was to appear considerable in the eyes of his hometown

By Bill Kauffman


Solzhenitsyn, Russian Nobelist and noblest Russian

Cheer, Cheer for Old Notre Dame

By Bill Kauffman

A farewell to Armistice

The movable feast of Veterans Day

By Bill Kauffman

The (congress)man who wasn’t there

The invisible candidacy of Chris Collins

By Bill Kauffman

Kum ba yah, baby, and pass the ammo

What’s so funny about peace, love and understanding?

By Bill Kauffman

Brett Kavanaugh as political football

In the private sector, we get blitzed

By Bill Kauffman

Status Cuomo in New York

…in the land the Democrats forgot

By Bill Kauffman

John McCain: the man from nowhere who unleashed a deathstorm

The rooted ask the great unasked question in American foreign policy: What does this war mean for my block, my neighbourhood, my town?

By Bill Kauffman

Breaking up is impossible to do in California

As Tim Draper has learned…

By Bill Kauffman

Chris Collins, we hardly knew ye

Blue State: Republicans gone rogue…

By Bill Kauffman


How NATO became the most sacred cow in the barn

Before Trump’s visit the Senate approved by a near-Soviet margin of 97-2 a resolution expressing ‘ironclad’ support for NATO.

By Bill Kauffman

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