Bridget Phetasy

Bridget is a contributing editor to The Spectator.

Science & Tech

Keeping up with the sex robots

The uncanny valley of the dolls

By Bridget Phetasy


An open letter to the Democratic party

The days of buffet-style politics are no longer allowed

By Bridget Phetasy


The battle cry of the politically homeless

Anyone moderate with a brain and anything to lose has largely gone silent

By Bridget Phetasy


Equinox? More like Equinazi

Are none of my rich white woman brands safe from the Orange Man?

By Bridget Phetasy


Je suis Notre-Dame

Let’s not forget the true victims of the tragic fire: Instagram influencers

By Bridget Phetasy


Stop wasting your money on college

The valedictory address high school seniors need to hear

By Bridget Phetasy


Stop pretending you don’t love Thanksgiving

You get to tell your whole family that they’re fascists

By Bridget Phetasy

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