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Creeping critical race theory in Manhattan’s private schools

‘At the two private schools my sons attend in New York City, a new kind of “education” is now in full force’

By Cockburn


Bovard: yes, big tech censorship affects election outcomes

‘A growing bipartisan consensus is emerging against the power of the Big Tech companies’

By Cockburn

The press’s strange fascination with the Proud Boys

Why this obsessive push to vilify such an obscure group?

By Cockburn

Which drugs should Biden take? 

Cockburn considers his options ahead of tonight’s debate

By Cockburn


Why is the media downplaying the Hunter Biden story?

It’s as if impeachment never happened!

By Cockburn

Andy Khawaja arrested

What does the financier know and what evidence does he have?

By Cockburn

The knives come out for Robert Mueller

The disgruntled ‘Resistance’ turns on its former hero

By Cockburn

What to do with Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s ‘dying wish’?

The vacant seat belongs to the American people, not Ginsburg

By Cockburn


The Cockburn prize for most cringeworthy RBG tweet goes to…

The death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday night caused an instant outpouring of…well, mourning isn’t exactly the right word

By Cockburn

Donald Trump, America’s first gay president

He’s not a dictator. He’s a vamping drag queen, spitting venom and doing his best impersonation of a sub-tropical caudillo

By Cockburn

The Democrats suppress the Green vote

Letting people back a Green candidate may, in fact, be even more dangerous than requiring an ID card to vote

By Cockburn

Curiously pro-IRA congressmen intervene in Brexit

Two appear to have been overt IRA sympathizers and one was a close friend of IRA leader Martin McGuinness

By Cockburn


Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph’s funeral for satire

Can you parody someone for whose campaign you raised $6 million?

By Cockburn

UChicago declares that English is racist

Only ‘Black studies’ applicants will be accepted

By Cockburn


David Hume and George Bernard Shaw…your time has come

Great British thinkers are no longer ok

By Cockburn

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