Dan Hitchens


Our love affair with the Anglo-Saxons

In the 12 years since the Staffordshire Hoard was discovered the Anglo-Saxons have well and truly escaped their ‘Dark Ages’ pigeonhole

By Dan Hitchens


Divine right

Trump may have lost the election but is he the new Messiah?

By Dan Hitchens

The fight to save G.K. Chesterton’s home from demolition

A Londoner until the age of 35, Chesterton moved to Beaconsfield on a whim

By Dan Hitchens


The whataboutery of the Alabama abortion ban

At the grassroots, pro-lifers are remarkably generous in caring for those at the margins of society

By Dan Hitchens


When did advertising become so banal?

The more starry-eyed the corporate motto, the bleaker the reality it conceals

By Dan Hitchens

Argentina is the latest battleground in a global war over abortion

‘The world is looking at you,’ the actress Susan Sarandon informed Argentina’s Senate on Tuesday, ahead of its vote on an abortion bill. ‘Give women the right to choose!’ She may have been inspired by Amnesty International, who had taken out a full-page ad in the international New York Times to tell the Senate: ‘THE […]

By Dan Hitchens

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