Harry Mount


Their Majesties the Presidents

Gimson’s Presidents: Brief Lives from Washington to Trump by Andrew Gimson reviewed

By Harry Mount

Why would anyone want to work from home?

My love affair with the office

By Harry Mount


How are the mighty fallen

The Life and Death of Ancient Cities: A Natural History by Greg Woolf reviewed

By Harry Mount

Fatal attraction

William Woodward had it all — until he met the socially ambitious showgirl Ann Eden

By Harry Mount

Manners maketh America

It’s in everyone’s interest to resist rudeness

By Harry Mount


No presidency for old men

Instead of coming away from my accidental meeting with Bernie dazzled, I left feeling sorry for him. He looked like an exhausted old man

By Harry Mount


Show off and tell: the sad death of inconspicuous consumption

While I was in Manhattan I was dropped by my New Yorker girlfriend for not being rich enough

By Harry Mount


Meghan Markle and the return of American Anglophilia

Prince Harry’s imminent wedding to Meghan Markle will reinvigorate the dying special relationship between Britain and America. It is a boost for the fading American regard for the monarchy. In America, the mother country is increasingly the forgotten country – and it has been fading for a century, ever since the First World War. As […]

By Harry Mount

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