Jamie Bartlett


The internet was never intended to spy on us

Surveillance Valley: The Secret Military History of the Internet by Yasha Levine reviewed

By Jamie Bartlett


Two valuable new books about technology that are a bummer to read

Too often the writing descends on a good idea like a dense fog.

By Jamie Bartlett


Will Mark Zuckerberg now admit that Facebook is anti-social?

Zuck speaks! He’s finally responded to the Cambridge Analytica debacle. To be honest, I could have predicted almost word-for-word this evening’s statement: It wasn’t really our fault; it was mostly their fault; we’re a little bit responsible (‘front-up’ I can imagine a comms person insisting); and here are the steps we’ve taken. In fact, we’d already taken most of these steps in 2014, […]

By Jamie Bartlett

Beppe Grillo and the Italian art of digital populism

A couple of years back, while writing my book Radicals, I secured an interview with Beppe Grillo, leader of the Italian Five Star Movement. M5S (its Italian abbreviation) is the radical anti-establishment party that’s on track to top next week’s general election. We met in the restaurant of the hotel he always stays when in […]

By Jamie Bartlett

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