Kapil Komireddi

Kapil Komireddi is the author of Malevolent Republic: A Short History of the New India (2019).


Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan on the Azerbaijani conflict

‘It is obviously a coordinated action by Turkey and Azerbaijan. Turkey is managing the whole process’

By Kapil Komireddi

Middle East

Will India and China go to war?

The first Asian conflict of the Asian century

By Kapil Komireddi


Birth of a nation

India’s Founding Moment: The Constitution of a Most Surprising Democracy by Madhav Khosla reviewed

By Kapil Komireddi


Palermo without borders

At first glimpse there appears to be no serious backlash against incomers

By Kapil Komireddi

Modi and Netanyahu are Asia’s odd couple

The forgotten ironies of the India-Israel alliance

By Kapil Komireddi


The shattering honesty of V.S. Naipaul

Teller of truths and tales.

By Kapil Komireddi

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