Lionel Shriver

The lie that is recycling

So much of what we carefully separate just ends up wasting energy

By Lionel Shriver

We don’t need to talk about gun control. After the horror of Vegas, we need to be dumbstruck

To my embarrassment, ever since my novel We Need to Talk About Kevin was published in 2003, I’ve been a go-to girl regarding American mass murders. I’m embarrassed because my credentials are so poor — I’m only an expert on a school killer I made up — and because I’ve so little to say. That’s […]

By Lionel Shriver

Tear down statues? At this rate, we’ll have to rename New York

Growing up in Raleigh, North Carolina, I took the monuments around the state capitol for granted. The first Confederate soldier killed in the Civil War, Henry Lawson Wyatt, has leaned into the wind on those grounds for 100 years. Atop a pedestal inscribed, ‘To North Carolina women of the Confederacy’, a mother in billowing skirts […]

By Lionel Shriver

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