Melissa Chen

Melissa is The Spectator's New York editor.


Armenian genocide and the theater of US politics

Ilhan Omar proves she’s not a serious opponent of oppression

By Melissa Chen


The unholy alliance between atheists and evangelicals

Is social justice a civilizational and eternal threat?

By Melissa Chen


The NBA tosses an alley-oop for China’s censors

Meanwhile, South Park offers a full-court press of freedom of expression

By Melissa Chen


The unease of the Chinese diaspora

How the CCP is attempting to create a Chinese ummah

By Melissa Chen


Andrew Yang, Asian stereotypes and the discomforts of reality

We are highly averse to even remotely acknowledging differences in group outcomes, even when it comes to positive ones

By Melissa Chen


How a New Jersey brewery unwittingly became the latest culture war battleground

Sitting on the sidelines of online outrage is no longer an option

By Melissa Chen

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