Peter Oborne

Peter Oborne is associate editor of The Spectator and chief political commentator at The Daily Telegraph.


From Hong Kong to Kashmir, a new authoritarianism is on the rise

The West must offer more than empty phrases of condemnation

By Peter Oborne

The ballad of Conrad Black

The media proprietor was always fond of the sound of his own voice, and with good reason: he often had interesting things to say

By Peter Oborne

We have a moral duty to mistrust politicians over Syria

In Britain, almost two years have passed since Sir John Chilcot produced his 12-volume report on the lessons of the Iraq war. We collectively promised to learn the lessons. Last weekend it was as if the Chilcot report never happened. Britain, cheered on by a bellicose press and a largely docile Parliament, launched airstrikes that […]

By Peter Oborne

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