Philip Patrick


Is it all over for the Tokyo Olympics?

If the games are up, the implications hardly bear thinking about

By Philip Patrick

Why lockdown skepticism is growing in Japan

The Japanese, masters of the art of face saving, may be giving us a model of how to move out of corona restrictions painlessly

By Philip Patrick

Nike Japan’s lecturing was bound to backfire

Gaiatsu, or outside power, is a word likely to raise the hackles of even the mildest Japanese person

By Philip Patrick


Why academics hold Thatcher and Trump in such contempt

Now and again I gently take on my Trump-hating colleagues

By Philip Patrick

Why Japan’s new PM is desperate for the Olympics to go ahead

It is debatable whether the Japanese public cares all that much if the games go ahead or not

By Philip Patrick

Japan’s carbon neutral pledge looks like a load of hot air

Suga may have opted for airy rhetoric as he has limited options

By Philip Patrick

Meet Japan’s new PM — installed by a gray coup of party insiders

Yoshihide Suga’s victory was a stitch-up of staggering brazenness for a law-governed democracy

By Philip Patrick

Who could replace Shinzo Abe as Japanese PM?

Abe had hoped that 2020 would be his year

By Philip Patrick

What lies behind the Japanese obsession with face masks?

No one in Japan is checking whether you are wearing a mask or not, and there are no penalties for not doing so

By Philip Patrick

Can tourism subsidies save Japan’s coronavirus-blighted economy?

This is not the first attempt by the Abe government to get people moving around Japan

By Philip Patrick

Is the handshake ready to bow out?

The advantages of bowing, apart from the public health benefits, are that it is dignified and solemn

By Philip Patrick

Even Japan could be about to embrace remote working

Office workers in Japan are renowned for their quasi-devotional relationship with their employer

By Philip Patrick

Why doesn’t Japan take child abduction seriously?

Accusations of institutionalized racism abound

By Philip Patrick

Can Shinzo Abe’s COVID bung save him?

The Japanese still view dependence on the state with great suspicion

By Philip Patrick

The mystery of Japan’s COVID success

Yes, there was a lockdown, of sorts, but it was all a bit phony

By Philip Patrick

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