Philip Patrick

The mystery of Japan’s COVID success

Yes, there was a lockdown, of sorts, but it was all a bit phony

By Philip Patrick


Coronavirus is revealing uncomfortable truths about Japan

The rise of ‘Corona rikon’

By Philip Patrick

Japan’s ‘state of emergency’ is anything but dramatic

The move runs counter to the general mood in Tokyo, where it remains quiet but calm, with no sense of impending doom in the air

By Philip Patrick

Did the people of Tokyo ever really want the Olympics anyway?

The Japanese are a very polite people, and disinclined to express their true feelings in public

By Philip Patrick

Has Japan cracked coronavirus?

After a brief flurry of postponements and cancellations, life seems to be going on pretty much as usual

By Philip Patrick


Why ‘safe spaces’ are nowhere to be seen on Japan’s college campuses

Japan is like Switzerland in the culture wars, a safe haven where the hostilities raging elsewhere can be observed but avoided

By Philip Patrick

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