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Roger Kimball is the editor and publisher of The New Criterion, publisher of Encounter Books and a contributing editor of The Spectator.

North Korea

Why John Bolton is no warmonger

The hysteria from the Left over Donald Trump’s appointment of John Bolton as National Security Advisor to replace Lt. General H. R. McMaster has been partly hilarious, partly alarming to behold. From The Guardian in this country to The New York Times, CNN, Slate, Salon, and beyond in the United States, we are presented with a scarecrow figure […]

By Roger Kimball


Never mind Russia. The great threat to America is China

One of the most memorable moments of the 2012 Presidential debates came when the candidates were asked what they believed was the chief national security threat facing the United States. Mitt Romney said “Russia.” Barack Obama thought that was ridiculous.  “The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back,” Obama retorted, to the general hilarity of […]

By Roger Kimball

Trump is working

In London last week I had the opportunity to talk about President Donald Trump with several politically mature friends. Most were sceptical, even slightly appalled, by him. It was my task to help them overcome this prejudice. I am delighted, dear reader, to attempt the same service for you. I was not always a fan. […]

By Roger Kimball

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