Ross Clark


May’s delay has made a leadership challenge more likely

It has become a received wisdom that the British PM has somehow has stayed the executioner’s axe. Yet the opposite is true

By Ross Clark

Why Donald Trump is right about California’s fires

Sorry Neil Young, but better forest management would help control the blazes

By Ross Clark

Half the world is middle class

War zones apart, people are getting richer almost everywhere in the world

By Ross Clark


Trump’s new trade deal with Canada and Mexico shouldn’t surprise you

He is a disruptor, a practitioner of creative destruction. And he works fast, with little delay between the destruction and the reconstruction phase

By Ross Clark

Trump is right: G7 food markets are deeply protectionist

In Donald Trump’s dealings with Kim Jong-un it is possible to decipher a strategy of creative destruction: stir things up, so that relations cannot seem to get any worse – and then get down to doing business. Might the same process also be in operation in Trump’s trade war with his G7 allies? The President’s […]

By Ross Clark


The truth about London knife crime – and the prejudice with which the world listens to Trump

I would love to undertake a behavioural experiment in which a cohort of the public were asked to watch Donald Trump reading out the Gettysburg Address and asked to make comments. I can guess what would happen. There would be an overwhelming negative response. Those who listened would use words like ‘outrageous’, ‘disgraceful’. They would […]

By Ross Clark


Are you a winner or a loser in Trump’s trade war?

China ’s imposition today of tariffs on 128 imports from the US was inevitable – and is no doubt exactly the reaction that Donald Trump wants, giving him the excuse to announce yet more tariffs in addition to those on steel and aluminium imports which he has already imposed.  After all he did say, even […]

By Ross Clark

Sod the Second Amendment

I just wonder how many more school massacres it will take before four words, which I am sure are already being muttered beneath the breath of millions of Americans, break out into mainstream opinion: Sod the Second Amendment.   It is all very easy to scoff at Americans for their love of guns and the obvious […]

By Ross Clark

Trumponomics is working

As Donald Trump makes his State of the Union address this evening his many opponents have an increasingly large problem: the US economy. Whatever else you might say about the President it is becoming impossible to deny that the economy has done extremely well in the year since he became president. Growth accelerated from 1.5 […]

By Ross Clark

Donald Trump is right: the sale of the US embassy was a bad deal

The anti-Trump forces have been having a field day on Twitter with the hashtag #ICancelledMyTriptoLondon – poking fun at Donald Trump’s claim why he called off his trip to London to open the new £880 million US embassy. The President claims he can’t bear to cut the ribbon because the Obama administration got itself a […]

By Ross Clark

New York’s fight against the oil giants is political posturing at its worst

Was there ever a more pathetic piece of political posturing than the attempt by New York mayor Bill de Blasio to sue five oil companies, including BP and Shell, for the cost of building £14.8bn ($20bn) worth of sea defences to protect vulnerable parts of the city? To add to his virtue-signalling, de Blasio has […]

By Ross Clark

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