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The Bernie backlash has already begun

Read some mean tweets about a 77-year-old man

February 19, 2019

10:53 AM

19 February 2019

10:53 AM

Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy for the 2020 Democratic nomination early Tuesday morning. The Vermont senator was a formidable contender in 2016, winning 23 states and 46 percent of elected delegates. In fact, several people thought he would have stood a better chance against Trump than Hillary Clinton, due to the polarized nature of the race and the significance of the white working class vote.

Given his track record, you might reasonably suspect that people would be excited about Sanders entering the ring. But you would be wrong: the Bernie backlash is already upon us. As soon as he had he finished his announcement on Vermont public radio, the complaints started rolling in. Here is everything wrong with a Bernie bid for president, according to the calm, good-natured denizens of Twitter.

He’s old

bernie backlash 2020bernie backlash 2020bernie backlash 2020bernie backlash 2020

He’s white

bernie backlash 2020

He’s a man

bernie backlash 2020bernie backlash 2020


bernie backlash 2020

bernie backlash 2020

His supporters are unbearable

He’s too left-wing


He’ll make Trump win

bernie backlash 2020


He said he thinks people shouldn’t decide who to vote for based on their race, age, gender or sexual orientation

bernie backlash 2020bernie backlash 2020bernie backlash 2020

He voted for FOSTA-SESTA

He’s weak on guns

He doesn’t do enough for Palestinians

bernie backlash 2020

He’s never revealed his tax returns


Just no

bernie backlash 2020

We’ve also already been blessed with the first Bernie-is-being-screwed-over conspiracy theory of the campaign. Sanders launched his bid with a Twitter video and a link to an email-gathering website:

The site wasn’t loading properly on Twitter at first. Cockburn has a couple of ideas why this might be: it could have been crashing due to high demand, or perhaps because the domain is new, Twitter’s algorithm didn’t recognize it. But no, leave it to Wikileaks, every American election’s best friend, to pitch in:

Is Big Tech conspiring against Sen. Sanders? Judging by this alone, it seems unlikely. And it seems even less likely that any new presidential candidate would desire Wikileaks, the site that then-CIA Director Mike Pompeo referred to as ‘a non-state hostile intelligence service, often abetted by state actors like Russia’, in their corner.

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