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The Biden Tapes, Volume III

‘Unlike the Africa American community, but with notable exceptions, the Latin community is an incredibly diverse community...’

August 7, 2020

6:51 AM

7 August 2020

6:51 AM

Maximum Leader Joe Biden broadcasted another Castro-style marathon from his basement bunker on Thursday. This time, it was Lulu Garcia-Navarro of NPR who did her best not to make him look like he’s lost his mind. Watch as she lobs the gentlest of softballs, and Biden trips over his bat and steps on his ball. Then read the transcript and cringe as Biden says that most African Americans don’t have ‘different opinions about different things’.


Lulu Garcia-Navarro: You are extending TPS (Temporary Protected Status) to Venezuelans. Cubans, though, are now being deported in unprecedented numbers. Would you stop those deportations?

Joe Biden: When I say I’m gonna, look, entire [closes eyes]…temporary…I’m gonna look at every single country in the, in the world, that in fact is being, and, this guy’s sending them back. The reason why I came up with Venezuela is he’s not even allowing it to exist in the first place, and so the TPS program is something I will rule on the first day I’m in office to make sure that we extend it to people we know, we know, we look, too, you know, for too long, you know, we didn’t get it right, but here’s the deal: I think that we should be extending it. Anybody can prove that they are in jeopardy to go back to their country and the reason that they came in the first place, they should be able to stay in the United States of America until the circumstances changes in their country.

LG-N: But…

JB: …That’s why, by the way, I put that program together to provide…oh, go ahead. I’m sorry.

LG-N: No, no, are you going to re-engage with Cuba though? I’m specifically wondering about the Florida communities that are incredibly…

JB: Yes…yes…

LG-N: …interested in the Cuba issue…

JB: Yes…

LG-N: …and see status given to Venezuelans while Cubans are being deported?

JB: [slurred] The answer is yes…I’m gonna engage…yes…yes…and by the way, what you all know but most people don’t know, unlike the Africa American community, but with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly different attitudes about different things. You go to Florida, you find a very different attitude to immigration in certain places than you do when you’re in Arizona. So it’s a very different, a very diverse community.’

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The Biden machine took the rare step of issuing a statement about one of his blunders in a Twitter thread on Thursday night.

‘Earlier today, I made some comments about diversity in the African American and Latino communities that I want to clarify. In no way did I mean to suggest the African American community is a monolith — not by identity, not on issues, not at all. 

‘Throughout my career I’ve witnessed the diversity of thought, background, and sentiment within the African American community. It’s this diversity that makes our workplaces, communities, and country a better place.

‘My commitment to you is this: I will always listen, I will never stop fighting for the African American community and I will never stop fighting for a more equitable future.’

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