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Bloomberg summons Hillary’s ghost

How long until we find his suicide note?

February 16, 2020

8:20 AM

16 February 2020

8:20 AM

She’s back! Or did she ever go away? Mike Bloomberg is, according to the Drudge Report, considering Hillary Rodham Clinton as his running mate. This after some positive ‘internal polling’, apparently, about the pair’s electability.

Well there are lies, damned lies and internal polling. Team Bloomberg must have marvelously over-sophisticated and expensive voter analysis processing terminals in their snazzy offices. Data, data everywhere — and nobody can think.

Cockburn is old enough to remember the days, way back in 2018, when HRC still had record low ‘favorability’ scores. What has changed? The Bloomberg campaign is downplaying the report, with a communications official stating, ‘We are focused on the primary and the debate, not VP speculation.’

If Bloomberg’s campaign really is considering Clinton for a run, it shows an extraordinary deafness to the times in which we live. Donald Trump would like nothing more than a rematch with the woman whose obnoxiousness put him in the White House.

Yes, Hillary and her former staff like to remind everyone that she won the popular vote in 2016. But the thought of a Bloomberg-Clinton in age of popular disgust at the elites is mind blowing. Perhaps Mike and Hill could mark their alliance at the Democratic National Convention in a MONTH with a solemn prayer for the repose of the soul of Jeffrey Epstein.

‘That’s Hillaryious,’ as a New Yorker friend of Cockburn’s put it last night.


Bloomberg can’t be stupid. But he’s doing a very good public impression of someone who is. He has hired all the most expensive political consultants in America — plus a veritable army of staffers. But the campaign and the candidate feel remarkably robotic so far.

Bloomberg probably can’t win the Democratic nomination let alone the White House. The big question with him is — can he buy it? And the answer? He could. A week is a long time in politics, but $2 billion — what Bloomberg is willing to spend — goes a long, long way. Through his feudal munificence and enormous donations to local government groups, he can win support or at least silence opposition across the country. Choosing Hillary would make that process more interesting, to put it mildly.

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