At the top of CNN’s Alphabetapalooza Town Hall on Thursday evening, a survivor of the 2016 Pulse nightclub Islamic terrorist attack asked New Jersey senator Cory Booker what he planned to do to stop violence against LGBT people.

Gay icon Booker, a man widely lauded in the Port Authority Bus Terminal men’s toilets who sometimes performs drag under the name Izzy Gaye, had a clear-cut answer. As president, he would create an office dedicated to investigating white supremacy and right-wing hate groups.

Sharia law and radical Islam were off-limits. This set the tone for the four-and-a-half-hour-long television extravaganza, the second such town hall this month giving Democrats an opportunity to pander to the alphabet people — the most fearsome, well-funded, and powerful of the identitarian groups. The result was a night about death and disease, with black trans hysteria stealing the show, literally, and repeatedly.

As a mild-mannered woman stood to ask a scripted question to Beto O’Rourke (who did not appear as his drag alter-ego Frieda Migrants), a black transgender snatched the microphone and bum-rushed the stage. She introduced herself as Blossom C. Brown and screamed at moderator Don Lemon, accusing him of being an example of ‘how anti-blackness works among people of color.’

‘Black trans women are being killed in this country and CNN you have erased black trans women of color for the last time. Our lives matter!’ she roared. During the nearly two-minute long spectacle, Brown raged against CNN for not giving a microphone to black trans women. ‘Blossom, you’re a black trans woman, you have the mic now,’ Lemon condescended, causing Blossom to fumble, fume, and walk back to her seat.

Unfortunately for Blossom, later in the show CNN already did have a black trans woman scheduled to ask a question. When moderator Nia Henderson introduced the audience member, Shea Diamond, pronouncing the name ‘Shay-a’, Diamond snapped. ‘It’s ‘She-a’! Get that on the record. It’s violence to misgender or alter the name of a trans person. Always get that right first.’ Should Henderson be faulted for thinking, as she read her cue cards, surely, no one was obnoxious enough to have renamed themselves to the phonetic ‘she’s a diamond’? Turns out, someone was.

If they weren’t before, the 10 people who still watch CNN now are versed in the emotionally abusive effects of the black trans violence mass delusion, fueled by media and activist hysteria, as a cast of unhinged and unsavory characters stormed into their living rooms Thursday night. But anyone can crunch the numbers: the murder rate of transgenders is lower than the general population and lower still than biological women. This is despite transgenders, particularly trans women of color, routinely engaging in behavior that puts them at a much higher risk of encountering violence, such as prostitution and drug trafficking.

The clear but false implication in media and the left is that each of these murders is a ‘hate crime,’ that trans women of color are being ‘targeted.’ The Human Rights Campaign, which sponsored the town hall, pumps this narrative into the national dialogue like a Brazilian surgeon with barrels of industrial grade silicon. HRC is the largest and most useless of the LGBT lobbing machines and, after gay marriage passed, realized they needed a new storyline and a new pet underclass if they were to keep their organization afloat.

For as much attention as these murders get, you’ve never once seen a villain. That’s how you know they’re hiding something. If just one white hate-monger killed a black trans, he’d be internationally famous and a cash cow for the HRC. But it simply doesn’t happen.

The sad fact is virtually every ‘trans woman of color’ murdered this year was killed by a boyfriend or lover. This is the same statistic for biological women of all races. But if this is their top issue, what exactly do these frothing maniacs want the next president of the United States to do about it, give dating advice? A national campaign instructing trans women of color to stay away from bad boys and try meeting a nice, non-violent man at church?

Hunter S. Thompson once wrote about, ‘a curious rape mania that rides on the shoulder of American journalism like some jeering, masturbating raven.’ That was CNN last night with dead, black transgender women. 20 have been murdered so far this year. No one seems to care that 20 straight black men are murdered every weekend in Chicago alone.

The first trans outburst of the evening was the most revealing. In the second hour, activists briefly shut down the event, chanted ‘trans lives matter,’ and stormed the area in front of the stage parading trans pride flags. They planned this for the exact moment Mayor Pete stepped on stage with moderator Anderson Cooper. This was intentional. Here were two white gay men, Cooper and Buttigieg, and they were being instructed on who’s in charge of Big Gay now.

In the category of transgender children, it’s telling CNN, which carefully selected and scripted audience questions, chose two little girls whose mothers have encouraged them to dress and live like little boys. Both had boy haircuts, wore suits, and asked questions about education policy. It’s as if even CNN understands showing the reverse — little boys dressed as girls — was far too icky and sexual for a mainstream audience and might not be a good look for their friends in the post-Jeffrey Epstein Democratic party.

In the brief interludes between bouts of trans mania, AIDS stepped up to bat, loaded with fear and urgency that led viewers to believe they teleported back to 1992. Elizabeth Warren — rumored to perform under the drag name Anita Peacepipe — wasn’t alone in advocating for decriminalizing the transmission of HIV, legislation that is reality in California. Warren boasted about her decades long support of gays yet her standard-issue campaign trail outfit, a loud blazer plopped over a black jumpsuit, suggests she’s never actually met a gay, or at least one who gives a toss about her.

The whole thing was a disaster for gay acceptance. In its quest for every gender on the spectrum, CNN couldn’t even find a single top to stuff into the audience. America was left watching a cacophony of whiny, odious, unfuckable authoritarians. Any homosexual you’d actually want to have a beer with was definitely not there, and that’s destructive if Americans are lead to believe this is what gay people are actually like. They aren’t. We hate those people, too.

Surprisingly, revered, dusty old queen Joe Biden (drag name: Selma Influence), who alongside Corn Pop threw the first brick at Stonewall, had the most endearing presence of the evening. He appeared to be completely flummoxed by just how normal gay people had become. He recalled a conversation he and Anderson Cooper once had about ‘gay bathhouses in San Francisco’, something a blushing Cooper quickly brushed off.

‘But it’s not strange anymore!’ the sparkly-eyed septuagenarian wonderfully revealed to Anderson Cooper.

Yeah, that’s my complaint too. Now it’s just mental.