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Watch Boris Johnson’s bizarre admission: ‘I make model buses to relax’

Let’s check in on Britain’s answer to Trump

June 25, 2019

11:15 AM

25 June 2019

11:15 AM

Boris Johnson is down to the final two in the Conservative party leadership contest. The winner will become Britain’s next prime minister, and earn the chance at attempting to deliver Brexit before October 31 – no doubt an unenviable, stressful task. Being able to relax, therefore, will be paramount. In an interview with talkRADIO today, BoJo admits a rather unusual way of doing so…making model buses from wine boxes.

Read the transcript below:

Interviewer Ross Kempsell: What do you do to relax? What do you do to switch off?

Boris Johnson: Uh, I…I…like to paint, oh I make things, to-

RK: What do you make?

BJ: I make…I have a thing where I make…models of…and [unintelligible] was mayor of London we build a beautiful…I make buses.

RK: You make models of buses?

BJ: I make models of buses. I do


BJ: So what I do, well I don’t make models of buses, what I make is…I get…old, um, I don’t know, cr-wooden crates

RK: Yeah

BJ: Right? And then I paint them…and they have two…basically it’s a wi-it’s a box that’s been used to contain two…two wine bottles, right?

RK: Right

BJ: And it will have a- a- a- a…dividing thing

RK: Yeah?

BJ: And I turn it into a bus, and I put passengers…you really wanna know this?

RK: You’re making…you’re making buses. You’re making cardboard buses. OK, that’s what you do to enjoy yourself-

BJ: And I paint, I paint, I paint, no- I paint the passengers…enjoying themselves

RK: OK, great

BJ: On the wonderful bus


A few days ago, New York-born Boris seemed a shoe-in to be the next PM. Then, on Friday, the Guardian published a story about him arguing with his girlfriend in her London apartment. Now the ‘Blonde Ambition’, as he is known, seems to be ‘conducting’ himself somewhat strangely…

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