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EXCLUSIVE: Clinton donor hired for key Trump admin role

One more ideological opponent to the Commander-in-Chief lands a big job

December 14, 2018

4:50 PM

14 December 2018

4:50 PM

Cockburn can exclusively report that Stewart Ackerly, the newly minted deputy chief of staff for the US Trade Representative, is a lifelong Democratic donor.

Federal election records show he gave $370 to the Clinton campaign in 2016. And in 2017, Ackerly donated $2,700 to a Democratic Congressional campaign.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to close watchers of the Trump administration, as many departments have hired ideological opponents of Trump.

Recently, the State Department announced that Wall Street Journal editorial board member Mary Kissel will become a senior policy adviser.

In July, Kissel described Trump’s summit with Vladimir Putin in Iceland as a ‘great propaganda victory’ for the Kremlin.

She will fit in well at State. Brian Hook, the State Department’s top official for Iranian policy, told Politico in May 2016, ‘Even if you say you support him as the nominee, you go down the list of [Trump’s] positions and you see you disagree on every one.’

With administration officials like these…

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