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Confessions of the secret suburban Trump moms: California

‘We’re like Freemasons: we have our own secret code’

September 26, 2020

8:04 AM

26 September 2020

8:04 AM

Suburban women are understood to be one of the most crucial demographic groups in the presidential election on November 3. Many pollsters currently predict that President Donald Trump will lose due to his unpopularity with that category of voters. But have the Democrats really reclaimed the suburbs? Or are there more likely Republican voters than the polls suggest? The Spectator tracked down a series of so-called ‘closet Trump’ voters, women from the suburbs who would never publicly voice their support for the President for fear of recrimination in their social circles. These are their stories.


Before Donald Trump arrived on the political stage, I felt like I was living in an alternate universe, politically speaking. I could see that the world was taking advantage of America, with massive illegal immigration, terrible trade deals that hurt American workers, unfettered foreign visas, Chinese birthing centers which essentially sold US birth certificates, and more. It was frustrating to watch — and it didn’t make sense to me. The four presidents before Trump had allowed the whole world to drain the American taxpayer. We had become a joke.

When Trump came on the political scene, I heard him ask, ‘Why do we have such bad trade deals?’ ’Why aren’t other countries paying their share of Nato?’ I thought Trump was reading my mind. Instead of the typical political pontification, Trump said it straight: ‘This is ridiculous! Why is this happening?’

On November 8, 2016, I got to the polls early and was excited to vote for Donald Trump.

What Trump has accomplished in the past three and a half years is amazing. I love what Trump did for our veterans, giving them access to private medical providers. I’m grateful that Trump changed Obama’s deadly rules of engagement, saving the lives of our soldiers. As a cancer survivor, I appreciate Trump’s ‘Right to Try’ executive order. Trump got rid of the burdensome regulations that sent American jobs to China and Mexico. He’s helped black communities implement opportunity zones and justice reform. Everyone loved his tax cuts (yes, we did see more money in our paychecks). Trump got hostages back from around the globe, he’s the first president in 40 years that has not started a new war or increased a conflict, he’s brokered peace in countries that have been fighting for centuries, and he defeated Isis. I could go on and on about Trump’s positive achievements that have had a real impact on improving the lives of everyday Americans. And he’s done all of this while being under constant attack from Democrats, the media, and even some Republicans with Russiagate, Obamagate and just plain lies. President Trump has done more for America in just a few years than some politicians have done in 50 (cough, cough, Joe Biden…)!

A major hardship of being a Trump supporter is how it impacts your kids. Since our education system is inherently left-leaning, my kids often come home from school and tell me how a teacher disparaged President Trump. We had the teacher who played different political ads, and (magically) the Obama ads were positive and the Trump ads were all negative. Sometimes the anti-Trump bias is subtle and sometimes it’s not. Of course, classroom discussions are difficult. My kids have seen what happens to the students who support Trump in the classroom. They are always mocked and ridiculed by other students and, even the teacher! Needless to say, my kids are quiet. Occasionally my kids tell me they think a friend is a Trump supporter. I make a mental note and when I see the parents, I make a vague Trump reference to see how they react. That’s how we Trump supporters find each other. We’re like Freemasons: we have our own secret code.

As for me, I would love to publicly support my president but it’s just not safe. We all saw the seven-year-old attacked for wearing a MAGA hat. The violence is real. In addition to the violence, there’s also the general negative bias against Trump supporters.

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After organizing a project to help orphans in another country, my coworker commented that I was a ‘good, selfless person with a golden heart’. I was later surprised to see her Facebook post, saying, ‘I could never be friends with a Trump supporter. They’re all racists and haters!’ Why do liberals think that if you are a nice person, by default, you must also be a liberal? Why am I so awful for supporting Trump? The phrase ‘tolerant liberal’ seems like an oxymoron.

Now more than ever, I support President Trump. We’re just a regular family trying to get by, and he’s the only thing standing between us and socialism, higher taxes, defunding the police, and other crazy left-wing policies.

I was excited to vote for Trump in 2016, but I’d climb over broken glass to vote for him again.

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