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An exhaustive list of ‘Conservative Critics’ from The Bulwark

Views from all quarters of the conservative movement

February 18, 2019

5:57 PM

18 February 2019

5:57 PM

News from the #NeverTrump bubble, as Weekly Standard spinoff site The Bulwark have decided to keep tally of every conservative who expresses discomfort or opposition to Trump’s declaration of a national emergency for wall money. It’s an ambitious branching out into listicles for the site, whose preferred format up until that point had been ‘please, someone, anyone, primary Trump’.

Their piece, entitled ‘Conservative Critics of Trump’s Non-Emergency Declaration, Listed’, categorizes opponents of the executive cash grab by their area of work. And while the first group of ‘House Members and Senators’ proved an uneventful read, Cockburn couldn’t help but notice something of a unifying theme between three of the first four members of the ‘Scholars, Pundits, and Journalists’ section:

bulwark dutch oven

Yes, second in line there you have Bulwark editor-at-large Bill Kristol, bravely telling Republican congress members to ‘support Trump or the rule of law.’

Next up it’s Charlie Sykes, who is the editor-in-chief of a website called The Bulwark, bemoaning the possible ‘unintended consequences’ of Trump’s decision.

And for intellectual diversity’s sake, those two are followed by Mona Charen, who thinks ‘declaring a national emergency about the border is the ultimate fake news.’ Charen serves as a Director for an advocacy group called Defending Democracy Together, whose projects include a little-known conservative website called The Bulwark.

Cockburn congratulates The Bulwark for capturing the full spectrum of conservative opinion in the media. A truly representative sample, covering everywhere from Vienna to New Carrolton. Forget an echo chamber, this is a neocon Dutch oven.

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