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CPAC 2019 is going to be a blast

What an awesome line-up! Check out the schedule here

February 26, 2019

11:44 PM

26 February 2019

11:44 PM

Later this week, the Conservative Political Action Conference will convene for its annual gathering. Spectator USA has obtained a final copy of its official schedule. We are reprinting it here for the first time, in its entirety, and without comment.

Day 1: General Session – Potomac Ballroom

7:30 AM — Doors Open

8:30 AM  Welcome/Pledge of Allegiance/Lee Greenwood Songs

9:00 AM — From Edmund Burke to Charlie Kirk: Reflections on the Revolution in Lib Owning 
An address by TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk

10:00 AM — LOCK ’ER UP: The Case Against Hillary Clinton 
An interpretative dance by the cast of Duck Dynasty and legal analyst Gregg Jarrett

11:00 AM — A Doctor’s Take: Why Only Beta-Males Vaccinate Their Babies 
Dr Sebastian Gorka interviewed by Darla Shine

12:00 PM  A Spanish Feast: A buffet of taco bowls flown in from Trump Grill

1:00 PM — The Trial of Robert Mueller
Judge Jeanine hosts a mock trial of America’s greatest traitor 

2:00 PM — Versailles on the Potomac: An Inside Look at Trump International Hotel 
The GM of Trump International gives an inside look at how attendees of CPAC can spend their money at America’s greatest hotel

3:00 PM — DOOMED TO REPEAT IT: What conservatives should know about history 
A speech by TPUSA’s Candace Owens

3:45 PM — FACT CHECK: Holding Ourselves Accountable 
Charlie Kirk clarifies Candace Owens’s remarks

4:00 PM — Mission Accomplished: How Donald Trump fulfilled the tea party goal of increasing American debt levels 
An address by Tea Party Patriots founder Jenny Beth Martin

5:00 PM — A Friend Indeed: From One Great Nation to Another 
An address by the leader of America’s number one ally in the Middle East, His Highness Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani of Qatar

Evening Entertainment — Slam Poetry w/ Rep. Louie Gohmert

Day 2: General Session – Potomac Ballroom

7:30 AM — Doors Open

8:30 AM — Welcome/Pledge of Allegiance/Lee Greenwood Songs

9:00 AM — CPAC Debate: Another Reagan or Another Churchill? 
Matt Schlapp and Michael Savage go toe-to-toe over one of the most explosive fissure points in the conservative movement today: Is President Donald J. Trump the next Ronald Reagan — or the next Winston Churchill? 

10:00 AM — Out of the Mouth of Babes: The Youth Is With Us
The youngest Trump supporters we could find, some not yet even able to talk, make the case for Trump

11:00 AM — Liberal Propaganda: What’s so bad about Irritable Mental Gestures?
An address by Lou Dobbs

12:00 PM — Dine like a president: A buffet lunch of McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish Sandwiches and Big Macs

1:00 PM — PANEL: What’s the Biggest Threat to the USA?
A) Germany
B) Canada
C) Libs
D) Never Trumpers 
E) All of the Above 
Moderator: Sean Hannity
Panelists: Ambassador Ric Grenell, CJ Pearson and Dan Bongino 

2:00 PM — Protecting America: An expert’s take on how to fortify our border and protect our country
An address by Surefire Intelligence CEO Jacob Wohl

3:00 PM — You Say Selling Out, I Say Buying In: My life in the Senate
An address by US Sen. Lindsey Graham 

4:00 PM — A Doctor’s Take, Part Deux: Why partisanship can sometimes be harmful to your health 
Dr Bashar Al-Assad interviewed by Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard

4:45 PM — In Memoriam:
 A video tribute to past CPAC speakers who have been imprisoned, indicted or thrown off social media for harassment during the past year

5:00 PM — Keynote Address: Counting to Ten w/ Eric Trump
Donald Trump’s heir apparent leads the CPAC crowd in an epic ten count to close out the day! 

Evening Entertainment: Who can spend the most at Trump Hotel DC? 
Winner of the contest receives the thanks of a grateful president

Day 3: School’s Canceled!

Instead of more yapping, attendees will be loaded into work vans and driven to the Mexico Border by their favorite Breitbart News writers (or Ann Coulter) to begin a year long fellowship building finishing President Trump’s Border Wall!

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