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Curt Mills joins Spectator USA

We have a new Washington editor. Dominic Green becomes Life & Arts Editor

Some exhilarating in-house news: we’ve just hired Curt Mills as our Washington editor. Curt is a brilliant young journalist and one of the most exciting talents in DC. We’re delighted that he’s agreed to join us. He is a Robert Novak Journalism fellow — a scheme which has a great record of unearthing the best. He has already done some fantastic reporting at the National Interest: he broke the story of John Bolton’s appointment to the National Security Council, for instance. His instinct for real stories and his lively mind makes him the ideal person to help The Spectator’s mission in America.

I’m also pleased to announce that our Arts editor Dominic Green will now become Life & Arts editor. He’ll cover books, arts, society and the culture wars. Readers of the site will be familiar with Dominic’s superb writing and eclectic (to put it mildly) interests. What you don’t see is his editing skills and hard work: he makes it all seem effortless. Green is good, as the environmental movement has always said.

Curt and Dominic will both work with Matt McDonald, our peerless managing editor, and Zack Christenson, our publisher.

That’s not all: we’ve also hired Chadwick Moore as a Spectator USA columnist. Chadwick is troublesome in exactly the way we like and I can’t wait for him to get started. He joins our stable of American writers, led by Roger Kimball, Daniel McCarthy, Jacob Heilbrunn, Caroline McCarthy, Daniella Greenbaum Davis, and of course our resident woke millennial Godfrey Elfwick.

Spectator USA has enjoyed a great first year and continues to grow. We’re enthused about the next phase. Thank you to all our readers. We will continue to bring you great writing on the most interesting subjects. We will continue to entertain and inform. And we will never, ever confuse the serious with the dull.

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