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You can never unsee Jacob Wohl’s topless father

So that’s where his looks come from

November 22, 2019

5:10 PM

22 November 2019

5:10 PM

Through Jacob Wohl’s truth-seeking press conferences and coffee shop eavesdropping, the Wohl family has developed a brand of integrity and honesty. With the release of a new fundraiser calendar, Jacob’s father, Trump surrogate David Wohl, is strengthening the family name with his beneficence and philanthropy.

Teaming up with Breck Worsham, a self-described ‘freelance journalist’ with a ‘passion for politics and the Constitution’ (same!), Wohl is donating the proceeds of his steamy calendar ‘to aid our wounded warriors and vets’.

According to Mr Wohl, 12,000 people have already purchased the ‘Breck Worsham Official 2020 Calendar’.

After surveying the preview images, it’s easy to see why.

Cockburn appreciates the intimacy between Wohl and Worsham — something only two lovers could possibly achieve…

For the uncultured, Worsham calls Wohl her ‘strong and handsome man’. Amore is in the air!

If you want to see these lovers in action, you can purchase the Wohl-Worsham calendar here.

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