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I always knew Mark Zuckerberg was a far-right incel

Delete Facebook

October 16, 2019

1:08 PM

16 October 2019

1:08 PM

The #DeleteFacebook hashtag was been trending all yesterday on Twitter after it became known that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been involved in talks with a few well-known conservative influencers in recent months to discuss free speech and partnerships.

In a grossly misjudged attempt to keep Facebook a place for ‘balanced debate’ (also known as ‘hate speech’), and free from censorship (which as we all know is just alt-right code for ‘hate speech’), Zuckerberg has inadvertently displayed his true colors. 

Zuckerberg’s forays into the inner cabals of the Dark Side are a result of Donald Trump’s allegations of ‘bias’ against conservatives at Facebook and other major social media companies. These allegations are completely ridiculous for two reasons:

  1. They just are.
  2. Even if true, what’s wrong with censoring conservatives?!

I mean, seriously, Donald Trump talks about silencing conservatives as if that’s a bad thing. He doesn’t even have enough self-awareness to understand that preventing right-wing politicians and anyone who didn’t vote for Hillary from having a voice on social media is the only way we can stop the ugly tendrils of fascism from perpetuating its carcinogenic grip on society. 

Every decent left-leaning person I know has rightly expressed their disgust and has tweeted their intent to delete their Facebook accounts in protest at this flagrant endorsement of the far-right. I myself created an account earlier today purely with the intent of ceremoniously deleting it later on this evening as my ‘Kickin’ Hitler’s Butt: Vintage Anti-Fascist Songs 1940-1944’ album plays in the background. 

Zuckerberg’s betrayal comes as no surprise to me. He has always displayed worrying traits of a 4chan incel; an unhealthy obsession with the internet coupled with the cold hard stare of a man who’s never had to patiently explain the nuances of his non-binary status to a lifeguard before being able to fully enjoy their Lil’ Floaters Splash-free Swim session. 

‘Mark Zuckerberg is corrupt to the core and Facebook systemically silences people of color who call out racism. I took down my account a week ago and feel physically and emotionally better, ‘ tweeted one angry and socially aware user. 


‘Zuckerberg, you’ve created a monster that’s gonna bite you. You’ve programmed millions to feel they have the power, and woe be to anyone who thinks otherwise – including you. If millions of users decide they’re gonna bring you down, they’re gonna bring you down. #DeleteFacebook’, tweeted another person on Twitter.


John is correct. Facebook will be brought down at the drop of a hat once the people on the #DeleteFacebook hashtag all delete their accounts. It should happen any second now. The same goes with Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. We have the power to bring these companies to their very knees. Any day now. I can feel it. All we have to do is close our accounts. That’s how much power we have, and these big tech moguls better listen up because they have a sharp lesson heading their way. Any minute now. 

You can bet I’ll be closing my Twitter account and deleting Facebook just as soon as I’ve replied to some of the people in my mentions and answered a few DMs and then my social media presence will be no more. Instagram too, all gone. Just as soon as I’ve uploaded a few of the photos I took of my fantastic new hat because I know my followers are going to love me in it. But as SOON as I have done that… all my social media accounts will be laid to rest. I really really mean it. Me and everyone else on the #DeleteFacebook hashtag are going to seriously grind these big tech companies into dust. I can feel Dorsey and Zuckerberg quaking in their boots as I type this. Any day now. For reals. 

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