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The demented, disgusting lust for Beto O’Rourke on social media

Stop objectifying the poor man

November 13, 2018

3:27 PM

13 November 2018

3:27 PM

Left-liberal America is desperate for Beto O’Rourke, that much is clear. He is the charismatic handsome Texan the world has been waiting for. But, following his narrow midterm loss to Ted Cruz, the enthusiasm for O’Rourke 2020 seems to have transmogrified into something else — something creepy. Cockburn is disturbed to report that the appetite for Beto’s progressive politics is being subsumed by a depraved and extremely vulgar lust for the dashing young congressman.

Nobody has ever mistaken Ted Cruz for a sex idol, except perhaps the young Ted Cruz:

But social media is starting to thirst for Beto in a vulgar, indecent manner. Take for instance, these tweets (trigger warning: the following content is revolting. We publish only to draw attention to the depth of the problem):


Cockburn gets it – he’s a good-looking, woke, skateboarding man – and social media is all about being as lewd as humanely possible. But the Twitter perverts are trying just a bit too hard: the whole sexy Beto thing rings false. So for goodness sake, take it down a notch, and stop objectifying poor Beto. We can’t cope with a whole primary season of this horndog energy.

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