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Desmond is Amazing is amazing

The Right fear what they do not understand

June 13, 2019

5:05 PM

13 June 2019

5:05 PM

This week, a few right-wing hit pieces have emerged regarding the ‘controversy’ surrounding Desmond is Amazing, an 11-year-old drag kid, due to his appearance in a video with Michael Alig, who Desmond cites as an ‘inspiration’. For those who are unaware, Michael Alig is a Club Kids founder who served 17 years in prison for beating his drug dealer to death, dissolving the body in acid for over a week, dismembering the corpse, and then finally dumping it in the Hudson River. Now, how many of us can honestly say we’ve never done anything like that? I find it amusing that the majority of people churning out negative articles identify as Christians, yet they rather conveniently seem to forget many of Christianity’s basic teachings, such as ‘Let he who is without sin cast the first stone’.

Many haters are expressing their disgust that a child should be associated with a murderer, and have also feigned revulsion at a video clip which appears to show Desmond miming snorting ketamine alongside another drag queen, but let me say this: at least that child isn’t being subjected to Steven Crowder videos, and I shudder to think what kind of dark road that boy would be heading down if his mother was allowing him to imbibe Tucker Carlson.

This constant slurry of negativity is unsurprising seeing as Desmond is the fiercest Drag Queen since Mrs Doubtfire. The Right fear what they do not understand, and they do not understand the need for an 11-year-old child to dress himself in provocative clothes and dance in an LGBT bar to Gwen Stefani while men throw cash at him (and yet they preach all the time about ‘free speech’, ha! The irony here is staggering). They harbor a deep-rooted instinct to attack what they fear, and so the response has been predictable. Show these narrow-minded bigots a child dancing seductively for coins in a room filled with whooping and hollering gay guys and suddenly their love of ‘free-expression’ flies out of the window! Their hypocrisy is hilarious.   

Desmond’s mother, Wendylou is Amazing, has been fully supportive of her dragson’s sexual orientation since birth. Desmond himself states he was born gay, and that from the age of two he wanted to be like Ru Paul. Of course, all of this is completely legitimate and not in the least bit encouraged by a mother who has had an interest in the drag community since the Nineties. It is pure coincidence that a woman who was already a longstanding acquaintance of a founder of the Club Kids, a group notable for its members’ flamboyant behavior and outrageous costumes has given birth to a FABULOUS drag kid.

Despite the very definite lack of sinister indoctrination, this poor family has had to deal with the never-ending onslaught of media attention which has been cruelly inflicted upon Desmond. His mother never asked for her child to be in the spotlight, all she did was arrange several strategically planned high-profile public appearances. Why will they not leave him be? He’s a CHILD.

I find it disgusting that certain unwoke elements of the media insist on targeting his parents time and time again with the pretense of being concerned for Desmond’s safety and well-being. They need to mind their own business and allow Desmond’s mother to carry on promoting his fiercely empowered personality for financial gain. If these people are so concerned, perhaps they’ll prove it by donating some serious cash to the ‘Help Desmond Through His Amazing Rehab’ GoFundMe campaign in five years’ time. But I sincerely doubt they will. Hypocrites.

Desmond’s parents simply want him to be left alone to be Amazing in peace — hopefully with his own TV show, radio station, name-branded fashion outlets, cosmetic company, and several lucrative sponsorship deals.

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