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The dogphobia of Donald Trump

The President is having a ruff time

February 12, 2019

2:34 PM

12 February 2019

2:34 PM

Donald Trump doesn’t want a dog, for fear of looking phony, he says. But Cockburn can’t help wondering if there isn’t a deeper neurosis here. The president, it seems, is a dogphobe. He once was reported to have said ‘I never understood why people like dogs. Dogs are disgusting’ — though Snopes declared that fake news.

Trump does however seem to have a strange canine preoccupation. He has used the word ‘dog’ over 40 times on Twitter. He employs the formulation ‘like a dog’ with particular regularity — often, misusing the dog simile.

Are dogs thrown off TV?

Do dogs get fired?

Are dogs unfaithful? Cockburn thought famously that wasn’t the case…

Do dogs get dumped?

And, Cockburn’s favorite,

He’s also displayed a predilection for comparing women to dogs (though incidentally has only tweeted the word ‘bitch’ twice, when quoting someone else):

And he loves to say how unsuccessful politicians ‘couldn’t get elected dog catcher’.

There is a clear pattern here. Cockburn wonders: was the President bitten by a dog as a child? Or did — horror of horrors — a dog ask young Donald for money?

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