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Dr Sebastian Gorka is on hydroxychloroquine…why aren’t you?

The doctor is in session

May 20, 2020

4:20 PM

20 May 2020

4:20 PM

Is there a doctor in the house? President Trump grabbed the headlines on Monday with his claim that he is taking hydroxychloroquine. The announcement has divided medical professionals, with some pessimistic practitioners saying they ‘certainly wouldn’t recommend‘ people asking their physicians for the drug or that there’s ‘no evidence‘ that it’s effective in treating or preventing COVID-19. Fortunately, we’re entitled to a second opinion.

‘This is hydroxychloroquine,’ began Dr Sebastian Gorka in a video he posted to his social media on Tuesday:

Yesterday the President admitted that he’s been taking it against the coronavirus for two weeks. I’ve been taking it for more than a month. Will it kill you? Will it save you from the Chinese virus? Tune in today, to America First on the Salem Radio Network, where my personal physician, who put me on “hydroxy”, is gonna be in studio for a whole hour and taking your questions. Is it…the miracle solution? Find out and ask my doctor everything you wanna know. Tune in, SebGorka.com, that’s S-E-B-G-O-R-K-A dot com, 3pm Eastern, America First. Our number for you to call in is 833-33-GORKA, G-O-R-K-A. That’s 833-334-6752. America First, with me Sebastian Gorka. Be there!’

Gorka got his doctorate in political science from the Corvinus (not coronavirus) University in Budapest. But there’s something about his shirt-sleeves, his tone and the way he brandishes a pill bottle that makes Cockburn want to trust the radio host’s insight.

And you can always rely on a triple-national like Dr Gorka to bring in a global perspective: Turkey and India have both been prescribing hydroxychloroquine to medical staff, and Morocco and Algeria reported a trend break and sharp reduction in fatalities after they started using it.

Cockburn has to admit, hearing Gorka discuss a potential ‘miracle solution’ with his doctor is preferable to buying the dietary supplements he’s been plugging recently. Hydroxychloroquines all round!

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