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Brave: Eric Swalwell avoids Trump coffee shop to own the cons

Was it REALLY his closest coffee shop though?

February 20, 2019

5:29 PM

20 February 2019

5:29 PM

Many of the Democratic presidential hopefuls aspire to embody the essence of the anti-Trump, in order to stand out in a crowded primary field. Perhaps that’s what California’s Rep. Eric Swalwell was attempting when he posted the following tweet during this afternoon’s snow in New York:

Yes, the congressman who suggested using nukes to settle the war on guns nobly avoided Trump Tower’s coffee shop in the snow. And it seems to Cockburn, who has a place in the Big Apple, that the Californian’s sense of direction leaves a little to be desired too.

As you can see from Google Maps, Swalwell is standing on the corner of Madison and 57th. Notice the Christian Dior and Fendi stores in the background of his selfie.

eric swalwell

The corner of Madison and 57th, looking east

Let’s see how far Swalwell is from Trump Tower, shall we?

eric swalwell

A four-minute, 800ft walk from the branch of Fendi on Madison Avenue. Not too far, you may think…but are there closer coffee shops?

Well, the two on Madison and 56th, Rieu Café and Gregorys Coffee, are a mere three-minute walk, just 500ft from the site of Swalwell’s snap.

Can we get any closer? You bet we can. Here’s the Macaron Café on Madison and 59th.

Now for all we know, Swalwell was standing directly outside Trump Tower when he first got the urge for caffeine, and therefore technically, the Trump Café may have been his closest coffee shop. But if that were the case, the congressman would have to factor in a trip through the stringent airport-style security upon entry to the building, as well as a trip down the escalator to the lower level atrium. Or he’d have to head up to the Starbucks on the second floor, and patronize Howard Schultz. His quickest route to a cup of joe would probably be heading to the Blue Box Café on the fourth floor of Tiffany’s next door, which is more easily accessed.

It seems likelier that Swalwell didn’t do his research before he tweeted. Perhaps a condition caused by entering the vicinity of Trump Tower? Or maybe he’s tired from all those innocent trips to Iowa? Who knows…

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