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EXCLUSIVE: Lara Trump’s highly peculiar speech to the Republic National Committee

The President's daughter-in-law has a way with words ...

May 3, 2018

6:25 PM

3 May 2018

6:25 PM

For its annual spring meeting this week, the Republican National Committee had the pleasure of an address from the president’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump.

The speech is meant to put fire in the bellies of the Republican party activists, as they gear up for a testing round of midterm elections in November. What they got was something quite different.

After an introduction from RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel, Trump kicked off her speech by saying she hoped everyone she could tell she was thinner – she was pregnant the last time she was before this crowd. To leave the committee in no doubt, she reiterated her policy of being really skinny twice more in her opening remarks.

Next, she issued a rousing tribute to the meeting’s venue – the Trump National Doral Miami, who were making almost $250,000 from the GOP for hosting the gathering. Lara Trump described how the fates of the golf resort had been turned around by the family – or is it Organisation? “If they could turn around this property, imagine how they can turn around our country,” she told the audience. If only the deficit could be settled as easily as the matter of the unpaid contractors painting a resort, right Lara? Sure it can!

She closed out her remarks with a series of acknowledgements to those in the room – such as 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale, who stood up to take his applause. Thanking her host, she told the room that the Trumps think of Ronna Romney McDaniel “as family,” and like to call her “Ronna Trump.”

“We’ve got to get rid of that ‘Romney’ in the middle of her name,” she added, to the amusement of the room. Whether Ronna’s uncle Mitt finds that joke funny, Cockburn is yet to hear.

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