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We FaceApp aged Democrats to see if they’re really the party of the future

Most of them look exactly the same

July 17, 2019

12:46 PM

17 July 2019

12:46 PM

Time can be cruel to the best of us…so imagine how unfair it could be to Washington dwellers. We’ve all seen the contrasting images of Barack Obama at the start of his tenure compared to the end: more salt-and-pepper in the hair, a slight gauntness, as if the highest office in the land has taken a toll on his soul. But how might the next Democratic president look after their time in the White House?

We have to wonder no more thanks to the immensely popular FaceApp application. Cockburn has gone to the trouble of aging up all the 2020 Dems (and a few other progressive big shots) so that we might peer into the future.

Michael Bennet

michael bennet faceapp

Joe Biden

joe biden faceapp

Cory Booker

cory booker faceapp

Steve Bullock

steve bullock faceapp

Pete Buttigieg

pete buttigieg faceapp

Julián Castro

julián castro faceapp

Bill de Blasio

bill de blasio faceapp

John Delaney

john delaney faceapp

Tulsi Gabbard

tulsi gabbard faceapp

Kirsten Gillibrand

kirsten gillibrand faceapp

Mike Gravel

mike gravel faceapp

Kamala Harris

kamala harris faceapp

John Hickenlooper

john hickenlooper faceapp

Jay Inslee

jay inslee faceapp

Wayne Messam

wayne messam faceapp

Seth Moulton

seth moulton faceapp

Beto O’Rourke

beto o'rourke faceapp

Tim Ryan

tim ryan faceapp

Bernie Sanders

bernie sanders faceapp

Joe Sestak

joe sestak faceapp

Tom Steyer

tom steyer faceapp

Elizabeth Warren

elizabeth warren faceapp

Marianne Williamson

marianne williamson faceapp

Andrew Yang

andrew yang faceapp

And here are some bonus Dems…

Hillary Clinton

hillary clinton faceapp

Barack Obama

barack obama faceapp

Nancy Pelosi

nancy pelosi faceapp

Chuck Schumer

chuck schumer faceapp

The ‘squad’ – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib

squad aoc faceapp ilhan omar tlaib pressley

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