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As Florida goes, so goes the nation?

It was the beginning of the end for the Left in 2016 and DeSantis and Scott are doing well in the early going. Redux?

November 6, 2018

9:14 PM

6 November 2018

9:14 PM

With over 90 percent reporting, Ron DeSantis is not … messing… this up. The controversial, Trumpite Florida gubernatorial candidate has made the race for the Sunshine State a real fight.

Nearly two hours in, the election remains extremely unclear. But the Republican is up in the Governor’s race, which is something of a surprise.

And if Rick Scott were to steal a Senate senate for the Grand Old Party, and Congressman DeSantis were to replace him in Tallahassee, it could be a harbinger for a shock night of upset for the GOP.

Florida was the true beginning of the crescendo for the Republicans in 2016. Florida went – then the Blue Wall: Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

DeSantis had the biggest foot-in-mouth moment of the 2018 campaign – the ‘monkey this up’ brouhaha – but has recovered for a shock upset? Too close to call. But if so, it could portend conservative damage control across the board.

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