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Ivanka congratulates the new PM of the ‘United Kingston’

It's not clear whether the president's daughter was referring to the capital of Jamaica or the area of London

July 23, 2019

11:05 AM

23 July 2019

11:05 AM

Boris Johnson became the next prime minister of the United Kingdom and leader of the Conservative party this afternoon, after Tory members overwhelmingly backed him over Jeremy Hunt. And almost as soon as the result was announced, messages began pouring in from people across the world.

Donald Trump was the first to pass on his congratulations, and predicted that the new prime minister ‘will be great!’

And shortly afterwards his daughter, Ivanka Trump, decided to send her own well-wishes to the newly elected leader of the Tory party.

Unfortunately though, it seems Ivanka has rather downsized the area Boris will rule when he takes power tomorrow, as she congratulated him on becoming ‘the next Prime Minister of the United Kingston.’

It’s not clear whether the president’s daughter was referring to the capital of Jamaica, the city in Ontario or the area of London in her tweet, but considering Kingston and Surbiton voted for the Liberal Democrat Ed Davey in 2017, and 61.6 percent voted to Remain, Cockburn is betting its residents will be crossing their fingers that Boris is already on his way to the Caribbean.

This article was originally published on The Spectator‘s UK website.

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