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‘Wohl will be in jail in a matter of months’: Avenatti on the warpath against Twitter conspirator

Stormy Daniels’s lawyer believes that Jacob Wohl is behind his domestic violence arrest

November 20, 2018

6:39 PM

20 November 2018

6:39 PM

Has a company’s name ever been more oxymoronic than Surefire Intelligence? Twitter conspiracy theorist Jacob Wohl’s firm, who ‘investigated’ the egregious, partially retracted claim by Carolyne Cass that Special Counsel Robert Mueller had sexually assaulted her in 2010, has now implicated itself in another case involving a Resistance figurehead.

Stormy Daniels lawyer and presidential very-hopeful Michael Avenatti is blaming Wohl and his firm for the TMZ story that reported he had been arrested on domestic violence charges. The attorney told Cockburn he believes that ‘Wohl will be in jail in a matter of months.’

The TMZ story initially reported that Avenatti had been involved in an altercation with his estranged wife, a claim it later redacted. ‘TMZ is garbage,’ Avenatti told Cockburn. ‘For instance, their entire story from last week has now been proven false. They know it’s false and they refuse to do the right thing.’

Surefire Intelligence initially claimed responsibility on Twitter for the Avenatti arrest, posting ‘Surefire Intelligence strikes again.’ Wohl later claimed to the Daily Mail that this was ‘just a joke.’

The lawyer has been firing off angry tweets about Jacob Wohl and TMZ for the last week:

For his part, Wohl denied being behind the Avenatti charges. ‘Any claims that I am involved in Avenatti’s arrest are false,’ he told Cockburn.

When asked to respond to the lawyer’s claim about him being destined for prison, he said, ‘I’m not going to dignify that kind of dopey remark with a response.

Avenatti has also been accused of untruthfulness in the past. Senate Judiciary committee chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley referred the lawyer and his Kavanaugh-accusing client Julie Swetnick to the FBI and Department of Justice for ‘materially false statements’ made to the committee during hearings for the newly-confirmed Supreme Court Justice.

There are still so many unanswered questions. How will this clash of the Twitter titans end? Who to believe? And can you think two people you’d rather see locked in a lengthy court battle that keeps them occupied for a while?

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