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Jared Kushner’s Israel-Palestine rant at UK reporters

The president’s son-in-law said people were done with ‘bullshit diplomatic niceties’

February 5, 2020

11:22 AM

5 February 2020

11:22 AM

Jared Kushner’s peace plan for solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is blowing up before his eyes. The Palestinians said it was dead on arrival. Now even Israel is turning against it after Trump got cold feet about allowing it to annex parts of the West Bank.

For journalists who were summoned to a top-secret briefing with Jared Kushner last summer in London, this couldn’t come as less of a surprise.

Reporters were brought in to see the US ambassador, where they were greeted by the president’s son-in-law. In a heated exchange, Kushner told those gathered that people had had enough of ‘bullshit diplomatic niceties’ when it came to solving the conflict and that he was going to do things differently.


His approach went down like a cup of cold vomit with those summoned to the meeting, including the BBC’s Middle East correspondent Jeremy Bowen.

The people in the room to meet Kushner were sworn to secrecy and told that they were not even allowed to reveal that the briefing had taken place, let alone talk about what Kushner had said. Happily, Cockburn wasn’t there so is free to spill the beans…

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