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Joe Scarborough: masks for thee, but not for me

Scarborough said recently that masks are our 'best bet' to slow the spread

July 10, 2020

10:57 AM

10 July 2020

10:57 AM

Last night, MSNBC Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough implored his 2.6 million Twitter followers, ‘where do critics of Florida’s governor go for their apologies, knowing in real time that he was acting reckless and dumb in the face of a raging pandemic?’

The answer is Nantucket, Massachusetts. A friend of Cockburn spied the cable news star and his sidekick, Mike Barnicle, lounging mask-less on a outdoor bench on Monday morning just after the Fourth of July weekend and snapped this pic:

Joe Scarborough lounges maskless with Mike Barnicle in Nantucket

Barnicle had changed into gym clothes after his earlier appearance on Morning Joe, while Scarborough had the day off thanks to Willie Geist guest hosting the program.

The two chaps were spotted right by ‘The Hub of Nantucket’, smack in the middle of Main Street. Cockburn did some research and discovered that masks are indeed required ‘at all times’ in the historic district of NantucketNearby, a group of mask-less holiday revelers were fined $1,000 for failing to follow proper protocol during a private outdoor lawn party.

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Cockburn has no doubt that these cable news buddies can easily afford to indulge their mask-less rebellion.  But isn’t this supposed to be about doing the right thing, not fines?  As Scarborough tweeted less than two weeks before the Independence Day for both his country and his face, ‘When Fox News anchors, Mitch McConnell, and other Republicans urge Americans to wear masks, it stops being a wedge issue and becomes our best bet to slow the pandemic’s spread. We need buy-in from everyone going into the fall.’

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