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Karlie Kloss, renaissance woman

Jared’s sister-in-law is leading a takeover of W magazine

August 15, 2020

12:27 PM

15 August 2020

12:27 PM

Is there nothing Karlie Kloss can’t do?

The Midwest-born supermodel and minor member of the Trump Expanded Cinematic Universe has proven herself to be something of a polymath since hanging up her Victoria’s Secret Angel wings in 2015. The 29-year-old heads up a coding program to get more young women involved in STEM, hosts the Bravo show Project Runway and, as The Spectator revealed earlier this year, helps craft government healthcare policy through her father Kurt and brother-in-law Jared Kushner.

But besides fashion, Kloss’s true passion is investing. It’s something she must have picked up from her husband, Josh Kushner. Clearly Kloss has an eye for a canny deal, as she’s set to splash the cash in the famously lucrative world of legacy print media.

According to Sara Fischer of Axios, ‘W magazine editor-in-chief, Sara Moonves announced she has assembled a group of investors led by supermodel, investor Karlie Kloss to acquire W magazine…Bustle Digital Group will manage sales, business and technology for newly formed W Media.’

Presumably Kloss, who has complained about her being tarred by the Trump family brush, spotted a kindred spirit in Sara Moonves, daughter of the disgraced former CBS CEO Les. It’s awful when embarrassing family members get in the way of work, isn’t it?

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Print magazines can be a tough sell, as Conde Nast’s jettisoning of W in 2019 shows. Unfortunately most of them aren’t growing their subscriber base, unlike The Spectator, of course. Cockburn hopes that Kloss’s extensive career of appearing in magazines has prepared her well for owning one.

If not, she could always crib from her husband’s notes. During his time at college, Josh Kushner served as executive editor of Scene, a new publication hoping to serve as ‘Harvard’s version of Vogue and Vanity Fair‘. The magazine was criticized by Kushner’s fellow students as ‘completely ludicrous‘ and the subject of a Facebook group called ‘Scene Magazine is Bullshit’.

Still, that was over a decade ago. Making a print magazine successful these days is a much easier proposition, right?

If anyone can do it, renaissance woman Karlie Kloss kan.

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