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Libertarians lose it over TAC’s OnlyFans-Isis gag

Aren’t you guys supposed to be laid back?

April 23, 2020

6:07 PM

23 April 2020

6:07 PM

Cockburn only recently discovered OnlyFans thanks to news that Jacob Wohl had made himself an account, but it seems the pay-for-play version of Instagram has already sparked a major debate among conservatives and libertarians online.

The American Conservative (a magazine Cockburn frequently reads) set off a firestorm after publishing a piece that dismisses OnlyFans as a glorified porn site that ‘turns females into amateur flesh peddlers and men into desperate voyeurs.’

‘Every now and then, the modern world produces a trend so ghastly you can’t help but sit back and think, would a global Islamic Caliphate really be that bad?’, Charlie Peters ponders in the opening.

Cockburn never imagined that the libertarians, who try to play the role of the ‘cool aunt’ among the political factions, would instantly turn into hyperventilating scolds over a little joke at the expense of Wahhabism. Indeed, their normal ‘do what you want’ attitudes regarding offensive speech and poor decision-making melted with the faintest sniff of British dry humor.

‘Bro didn’t you just publish some pro-Isis bullshit?’, asked the Washington Examiner’s resident ‘libertarian-conservative’ Brad Polumbo.

‘Women taking sexy photos of themselves is worse than Isis!!!’ Elizabeth Nolan Brown, senior editor at Reason, summarized. ‘It’s…a take.’

‘We are scandalized by the stanning for Isis yes,’ Robby Soave, another senior editor, confirmed.

The reaction to the article led to an all-out Twitter war between the common-good conservatives and the libertarians, so Cockburn asked Charlie Peters for his reaction to the backlash:

‘I like writing for American magazines as I usually get more engagement and comments. But this piece saw an unholy alliance of libertarians, camgirls and furries marching into my mentions demanding blood. This cavalcade of wit and beauty — usually proud defenders of free speech — were adamant that my global caliphate joke amounted to “pro-Isis stanning.” It obviously didn’t, but when you are witless, boring and desperate to defend a grim industry, you’ll use anything to tarnish your opponents.’

Grim, indeed. Cockburn is sympathetic to the plight of the amateur porn producer, but can hardly take the side of the humorless. Advantage TAC.

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