The Mandalorian is a fabulous new show on the Disney+ channel based in the Stars War universe. I watched at least 10 minutes of one episode the other week and I must say I very much enjoyed what I saw. As far as I could deduce, it is about a COVID-aware masked space knight who is instructed by bigots to capture a non-binary trans-age baby called ‘Yodel’ (they probably want to practice gay conversion therapy on the poor they) but thankfully, the Mandalorian is an ally who ends up empathizing with Yodel’s struggle and together they go on a quest to seek acceptance in a cold transphobic universe. Now, as a trans woman with an impeccable social conscience, this latest sojourn into Stars War lore ticked all my tolerance boxes, and I absolutely intended to most probably watch a bit more of it at some point (Zoom spin classes permitting). However, recent developments have dashed any chance of me revisiting this show, and I’m in half a mind to cancel my Disney+ subscription once the 30-day-free-trial runs out. You see, in The Mandalorian, there’s a character called Cara Dune. A shock trooper turned mercenary. On the face of it, she’s a strong brave woman who fights with the rebels against the Empire. Antifa’s essence personified if you will. Played by former mixed martial artist Gina Carano, Cara reminds me very much of myself and the time I signed a petition to get Roseanne Barr’s biography banned from my local library. Fearless and unfettered by conventional methods.

However behind this character lies a…well, a lie. The actress who plays Cara Dune is nothing like the character she portrays. It’s like she’s simply putting on an act. For example, back in August, she refused to show her support for Black Lives Matter. Who as we all know is a wonderfully Woke movement with no alternative agenda whatsoever. Yet Gina steadfastly did not bend the knee, so to speak. She even went so far as to mock those who attempted to educate her:

Does that look like the kind of thing a brave and strong woman would say in current year?! No! If she had any sort of spunk in her she would have meekly apologized and thanked her educators for putting her back on the correct path. That is what a strong and independent woman does.

If her unwillingness to accept BLM’s ideology as something she should gladly be coerced by peer pressure to acknowledge and validate wasn’t bad enough, recently she REFUSED, and I mean point-blank DECLINED to add her pronouns to her social media bios. Yes. You did not misread that. An actress, in CURRENT YEAR has turned her back on the gentle persuasive nature of trans activism and has shunned all attempts to rightfully shame her into doing the right thing. Now once again, does that seem like the sort of thing an intelligent and tenacious individual would do in the year of our Woke Social Media Overlords (PBUT – peace be upon they) 2020? No. If (whatever Gina’s pronouns are, I don’t know because she/he/they/zer for some reason does not wish to tell us so for the sake of argument let’s just say ‘she’ and it serves her right if I’ve got it wrong) she knew what was good for her, she would damn well stick those pronouns on her bio and cry for forgiveness. The Woke are merciful and would no doubt accept her plea so long as she continued to tread the righteous path from hereon. 

But no. She did not do the right thing. In fact as before, she decided to double down on her bigotry and mock those (who only wish for her to reach enlightenment in the True Faith) by adding the FAKE PRONOUNS: ‘Beep/bop/boop’ to her bio. She then went on to accuse people of abusing her:


A woman who has her own opinions and refuses to bow down to her more educated betters is not strong. She’s not a ‘rebel’. She’s problematic. Gina Carano in real life could not be any further from the character she plays. I demand that she be removed from the show. She even accused those trying to get her sacked of perpetuating cancel culture!

I mean what even is cancel culture?! It doesn’t exist. It’s not my fault that people with certain views shouldn’t be allowed to have jobs — but that’s not cancel culture, that’s just the environment Woke activists have cultivated and nurtured over the past few years for the greater good. It’s hardly our fault that corporations decide of their own free will to go along with our demands on pain of financial ruin. ‘Cancel culture’ indeed!

Well one thing is for certain, Until Gina Carano is gone, I will not be partaking of any more Stars War movies or their Disney Plus offshoots. #SackGinaCarano #CancelCultureDoesntExist