Once again, Trump has shown his true colors in a series of tweets posted on Sunday in which he told four congresswomen of color to ‘go back’ to their own countries. Literally ordering WoC to leave America because of the color of their skin. For the sake of clarity, I haven’t read the entire Twitter thread because I refuse to give Donald Trump my attention (apart from Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights at our tri-weekly campus ‘Not Our President’ meetings in Pret a Manger – living in the UK, Trump is *literally* not our president, but we do not allow that to prevent us from standing in solidarity with our US counterparts). Since posting the tweets, he has quite rightly been bombarded with condemnation. It is depressingly unsurprising however, that rather than apologize profusely and impeach himself immediately, he instead chose to double-down on his KKK-endorsing diatribe and show no remorse whatsoever with some follow-up tweets that in my opinion should be grounds enough to imprison him for promoting genocide.Well here’s the thing; why doesn’t Donald Trump go back to where he came from? …Jamaica. That’s right! After doing some research I found out that Donald Trump was in fact born in the Jamaica Hospital. You honestly could not make this up! It makes his levels of hypocrisy towards Obama’s birth certificate gravitate towards heights previously thought unobtainable. I guess it explains his overuse of foundation, which unfortunately for him isn’t opaque enough and turns his complexion orange. In addition to this, his attempts to bleach and straighten his afro have been an undeniable disaster. It’s very clear to me, that as a Afro-Caribbean man so obviously ashamed of his ethnicity, Trump has created a faux white supremacist persona in order to appeal to the white males in power. This jaw-dropping revelation at Trump’s transracial status has made me feel a little more empathetic towards the man. As a male PoC living in current day America, it’s easy to understand why he would feel the need to ‘correct’ his appearance in the eyes of his peers. Instead of growing up in an environment where he could be proud of his own culture and heritage, he has been forced to live a lie. I have no doubt that his decision to adopt a white identity is born from a place of deep insecurity and self-denial. Being born in the 1940s, his transracial status, unlike that of Rachel Dolezal, is likely an affectation he maintained as a child as a survival mechanism. As the years went by and his popularity grew, it became more and more difficult to cast off.As I began to put myself in his shoes, I felt such deep sorrow at what society has done to PoC. I only hope he finds this article. Donald, if you are reading this, there is no need to pretend anymore. I understand why you have behaved so atrociously. Let down your guard. Wash away the lie from your skin. Let the natural beauty of your West Indian heritage shine through. Allow your ‘fro to regain its former glory. We will see you. We will understand you. You can make this right. You can make yourself great again. It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault. IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT.[EDIT: Since writing this article, I have been informed that the Jamaica Hospital in which Donald Trump was born, is in fact located in the borough of Queens, New York. But I still feel that everything I have written here is valid].