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On the march to stop Trump’s impeachment

Speakers included Jack Posobiec, Steve Scalise and Dr Sebastian Gorka, PhD

October 18, 2019

7:22 PM

18 October 2019

7:22 PM

As tens of thousands of Texans headed to President Trump’s rally in Dallas on Thursday, a slightly smaller pro-Trump group converged on the grounds of the US Capitol. Organized by the Florence County Republican Party, ‘March for Trump: Stop Impeachment Now!’ drew a few hundred people in MAGA regalia to demonstrate their support for the president.

While a modest showing, the attendees were decked out in patriotic attire and ‘Trump 2020’ flags. Cockburn noticed one man who achieved the trifecta: an American flag, a Trump flag, and a timeless Gadsden flag on a single pole.

To match the event’s eccentricity, LaRouche political cult operatives proselytized attendees with leaflets reading ‘Why the Sudden Rush to Impeach?’ and ‘President Trump Kicks Over the Chessboard of British Geopolitics.’ Cockburn, a noted Anglophile, tossed the leaflet in the trash.

During the rally, Cockburn heard speeches from a series of right-wing personalities. Following a moment of silence to honor the recent passing of Rep. Elijah Cummings, One America News Network host Jack Posobiec urged people of different political persuasions to get along. Posobiec, who helped propagate a conspiracy theory that top Democratic officials were operating a human trafficking ring from a DC pizza restaurant, warned that ‘this country is only going to get better because we work together to make it better.’

Shortly after Posobiec’s speech, Human Events editor Will Chamberlain followed and offered a reconciliatory message to ‘the left’: ‘let go of the hatred for Trump supporters. Let go of your bigotry and embrace your fellow American citizens.’ The supporters, who are victims of anti-Trump bigotry, cheered in agreement.

Following speeches by some Republican congressmen, including Minority Whip Steve Scalise, Dr Sebastian Gorka, PhD ascended the stage. Observing the crowd, he cracked, ‘Now this is a sight for sore eyes.’

Discussing Congress’s impeachment inquiry, Gorka didn’t mince words: ‘You have to understand what the Democrats, and the RINOS, and the media, and the Deep State have been doing for at least four years. We are witnesses to a coup.’

Dr Sebastian Gorka, PhD


Emphasizing the seriousness of the situation, the doctor warned that ‘we cannot let AOC, the communists, the anti-Semites, the racists take this country from us.’

Gorka, who worked in the White House for seven months in 2017, closed his speech by taking a selfie with the crowd to send to ‘the boss,’ presumably referring to President Trump. After Gorka’s speech, the event organizer directed attendees to visit the congressional offices of Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and Nancy Pelosi. As Cockburn hasn’t heard any news about Trump supporters storming their offices, he doubts they got past Capitol Hill police.

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