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Mario Lopez shouldn’t apologize for telling the truth about trans kids

Three-year-olds know best and critical thought is ‘dangerous’

August 2, 2019

10:47 AM

2 August 2019

10:47 AM

Apparently, there are still a few people left who did not get the memo about wrongthink. After Twitter dredged up an interview Mario Lopez did with conservative personality Candace Owens in June, he was promptly schooled: it is 2019, after all, and no longer acceptable to ask questions about transgender doctrine. In response to Owens’s comments about the ‘weird trend’ wherein celebrities believe their kids have the ‘mental authority’ to ‘pick their gender’, Lopez agreed, saying he was ‘blown away, too.’ The actor and host of Extra added that he thought it was ‘dangerous as a parent’ to accept a three-year-old’s announcement that they are the opposite sex as concrete fact.

I mean, God forbid we, as Lopez suggests, ‘think about the repercussions later on’ of transitioning very young children to the opposite sex (a thing that is impossible to do, in any case). Naturally, the internet exploded with self-righteous commentary. Noted sex researcher and political commentator Kathy Griffin tweeted:

‘Can confirm he has thought this way for many years. Sat next to him and civilly argued these points several years ago when we were working on a TV show together. He’s dug in with this backward nonsense. Told me I didn’t get it because it was a “Latin thing.”’

Whomever runs the Human Rights Campaign’s Twitter account generously offered to reeducate Lopez on the correct response to anything referencing ‘trans kids,’ which is of course a parade. And Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown expressed ‘disappointment’ that Lopez would engage in critical thinking and public dialogue instead of ‘healthy & safe dialogue’ (which is, of course, Orwellian code for, ‘regurgitate the mantras Big Brother provided’), creepily adding, ‘[Lopez] should be given the opportunity to learn why his comments are harmful to trans youth and their parents.’

The celebrities, lobbyists, and social justice warriors have spoken, and have determined that it is not preventing kids from going through puberty and putting them on hormones that destroy their bodies and render them sterile that is dangerous, but questioning whether or not this practice is dangerous that is in fact dangerous. In other words, thinking is the real danger.

Facing cancelation, Lopez apologized, admitting his concern for human lives and material reality was ‘ignorant and insensitive.’ Thanks to his twittucation, he ‘now has a deeper understanding of how hurtful’ critical thinking can be and committed to better policing himself in the future.

What a relief! We can now all flip that brain switch off and go back to sleep.

Sarcasm aside (never put sarcasm aside), it is shocking how many people have publicly argued in favor of allowing three-year-old children to decide whether or not they are male or female. I mean, beside the fact that it is biologically impossible to change sex, at what point did society determine pre-schoolers know best? I mean, what are parents for, in that case? Why not let your toddler make zir own decisions? Straight chocolate milk diet? You’re the boss, baby! Don’t want to get your shots? Who does!? Bike helmets are for nerds? Well, true…

Beyond the health implications of transitioning kids – many of which are not even yet known, as there is not enough long term research on the full impact of giving children puberty blockers and hormone treatments – it is enormously unethical to tell a male child, for example, that they are actually, literally female, when they are not and will never be. Kids should be encouraged to accept their bodies and to love themselves as they are. Not be told that they must transform themselves physically, through surgery and a lifetime dependency on unnecessary drug treatments in order to be happy or live authentic lives.

What Lopez said was unequivocally harmless and completely sane. The response from the media, other celebrities, activists, and Twitter mobs is what should be challenged. Indeed, it is those bullying us all into adopting this modern doctrine that tells us people can change sex, and that material reality is determined through declaration rather than fact, who should be apologizing.

Meghan Murphy is a writer in Vancouver, B.C. Her website is Feminist Current.

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