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The media REALLY wants Trump to be a homophobe

Why are pundits so desperate for him to hate on Mayor Pete?

February 14, 2020

11:57 PM

14 February 2020

11:57 PM

Cockburn tries not to be really interested in what consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms, and assumes the president isn’t either, given his attempts to downplay his dark ‘n’ Stormy affairs. But other members of the media seem quite intent on driving a wedge between Trump and the first openly gay presidential candidate, former mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Trump may enjoy the support of the conservative Christians (Cockburn has always preferred the papists because of their penchant for wine), but he was also the first presidential candidate to openly support gay marriage. Still, several news outlets contended this week that radio host Rush Limbaugh’s views on Buttigieg’s debate stage kisses with a man reflect those of the president. Limbaugh suggested earlier this week on his program that Trump would ‘have fun’ with Buttigieg’s sexuality.

‘They’re saying, “OK, how’s this going to look?”’ Limbaugh said, adding, ‘Thirty-seven-year-old gay guy kissing his husband on stage, next to Mr Man, Donald Trump.’


The Daily Beast noted that Limbaugh’s comments came ‘days after being awarded the Medal of Freedom’, while CNN political commentator David Axelrod said the comments make him ‘wonder what they think about Mayor Pete as an opponent.’

Liz Mair, an anti-Trump Republican communications consultant, was less coy: ‘I fully anticipate Trump will do exactly what Limbaugh is suggesting here, plus horrible word plays. I guess if Buttigieg is the nominee, we’ll find out how homophobic voters are or aren’t. 

‘Mr Man’ Trump burst their bubbles during a radio interview with Geraldo Rivera, during which he made clear that he has no issue with Buttigieg’s non-traditional marriage.

‘I think so,’ he said when asked if people would vote for a gay candidate. ‘I think there would be some that wouldn’t, and I wouldn’t be among that group to be honest with you.’

So what’s all of the hullabaloo about? Well, Buttigieg notably went after Vice President Mike Pence for his views on same-sex marriage shortly after he announced his candidacy. Apparently when Pence isn’t busy petting rabbits or avoiding solo dinners with women, he isn’t a big fan of the gays. The vice president offered support for Buttigieg when he came out in 2015, however, saying he holds the small-town mayor in the ‘highest regard.’

Cockburn wishes the media would move on to the real story behind Pete and Chasten’s smooch: the complete and utter lack of passion. Add a dip or a foot pop next time!

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