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Mayor Pete’s Holocaust thirst trap

‘loooove this backdrop! tag the location!’

November 18, 2019

3:47 PM

18 November 2019

3:47 PM

Never let a Holocaust memorial get in the way of a glamor shot. Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg lived this unattributed advice to the fullest in a now-viral Instagram post:

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This guy.

A post shared by Chasten Buttigieg (@chasten.buttigieg) on

Mayor Pete’s hubby, Chasten Buttigieg, documented the mayor’s visit to Berlin’s Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe with the caption, ‘This guy.’

While the photo was posted in April 2017, the picture is only now receiving the appreciation it deserves. One commenter left the note, ‘this is at a fucking holocaust memorial show some respect’. Another offered some feedback: ‘loooove this backdrop! tag the location!’. ‘yikes’ wrote a third.


Mayor Pete’s Holocaust memorial photo shoot is not his first picture-related gaffe. Recently, Buttigieg has taken heat for using a photo of a Kenyan woman on the website page for his ‘Douglass Plan’, which is tersely described as ‘a comprehensive and intentional dismantling of racist structures and systems combined with an equally intentional and affirmative investment of unprecedented scale in the freedom and self-determination of black Americans,’ on his campaign site.

Despite his efforts to connect with African American voters with a picture of Kenyan woman, Buttigieg is struggling in the polls with this key demographic. In a recent Winthrop University poll, Mayor Pete hit four percent among South Carolinian voters, and received zero votes from African Americans.

Repeat-offender Chasten Buttigieg didn’t help Mayor Pete on Sunday when he posted this picture from his visit to New Orleans, celebrating a ‘commitment to building a more inclusive future for all’:

According to US census data, African Americans make up 60 percent of the city’s population. Cockburn liked this take by socialist mag Current Affairs:

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