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The new Planned Parenthood pro-abortion ad is revolting

If the baby is so cute, she deserves, I’d say, to live. She deserves not to be killed in utero

November 11, 2018

3:57 PM

11 November 2018

3:57 PM

Heaven knows where the Planned Parenthood Federation got the adorable tot starring on their advertising campaign right now, but the hardest heart would melt at the sight of this saucer  eyed infant, under a blanket, gurgling, while Brahms’s ‘Lullaby’ plays on a music box in the background. Aw, you think… until you see the captions. ‘She deserves to be loved’, goes the script, as the baby laughs. ‘She deserves to be wanted’, it continues as she puts out her hand to the viewer. ‘She deserves to be a choice’, it says, as the music box tinkles, and the viewer heads to the bathroom to throw up.

As pro-abortion campaigns go, this one takes the cake. If the baby is so cute, she deserves, I’d say, to live. She deserves not to be killed in utero. She deserves to be born, so she can grow into the lovable infant who is now, all innocent, promoting abortion. And if she’s not her mother’s choice, well, she would be someone else’s. Any childless couple would snap her up. Hell, if she’s going begging, I’ve got friends who’d take her and give her a brilliant life. She deserves to be wanted, but not necessarily by her mother. That’s the fallacy on which the pro-choice case is based. Every child a wanted child was the old feminist slogan. But by whom? There are lots of people out there who’d want her but if PPF has its way in promoting what it euphemistically calls ‘reproductive health’, her mother might well see her as a necessary casualty of choice rather than a human being whose rights start with the right to be born.

What a revolting, mendacious ad. What a revolting, mendacious organization.

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